About the Club

Established in 1894, we are one of the oldest Hockey Clubs in Ireland. We are a south Dublin based hockey club with Mens, Ladies, Colts and Fillies teams. Striving for success and the craic. You can find out more about the Club's Committee Members, coaches, achievements and more below.

Executive Committee:

Trevor Watkins (President)
Ali Shaw (Club Secretary)
Ruby Morrow (Match Secretary)
TBC (Men’s Club Captain)
Nikkey Cullen (Ladies Club Captain)
Roddy Allen (Treasurer)
Sara Horsfield (Youth Administrator)
Sarah Kate Burke
Helen Kilroy
Catherine Higgins
David Fitzgerald

Coaches 2017-2018:

Men's 1's: Gareth Watkins
Tim Dunwoody Manager
Men's 2's: Gordon Watkins
Men's 3's, 4's, 5's: Andrew Gaw

Ladies 1's: Scott Lowry
Ladies 2's: Dean Maguire
Ladies 3's:
Ladies 4's:
Ladies 5's:
Ladies 6's:

Vice Presidents:

There are 10 Vice Presidents in
Monkstown Hockey Club.
Diane Allen
Laura Martin
Sharon Cole
Cormac O’Byrne
Paul Bowtell
Gordon Horsfield
Noel McLean
Ben Glascott
Ann Farrar
Ian Stuart

Honorary Members:

Crawford Tipping
Tommy Allen
Gordon Watkins
Trevor Watkins
Don Cowman
Ruby Morrow
Michael Murdoch
Sam Farrar
Maurice Martin
Ruby Morrow
Paul OBrien

Board of Directors:

Trevor Watkins (Chairman)
David Varian
Paul O’Brien
Stephanie O’Brien
Aileen Kealy


Achievements 2016/2017

Neville Cup Winners
Galtrim Cup Winners
IHL Runners up Women
Ladies 4's Promoted to Div 5
Ladies 5's Win Div 6

Achievements 2014-15
Irish Hockey League winners
Leinster Div 1 Mens League Winners
Euro Hockey League Round 1
Irish Junior Cup Winners
Leinster Div 2 Mens League Winners
Ladies 1 IX Promoted to Div 3
Ladies 2 IX Promoted to Div
Ladies 3 IX Promoted to Div
Ladies 4 IX promoted to Div 12
Achievements 2013-14
Irish Hockey League winners
Leinster Div 1 Mens League Winners
European Club Trophy Winners


The Patron of Monkstown Hockey Club is Jim Gregg. A member of Monkstown for many years, a former player and now a very keen spectator of Hockey. Jim has held many offices in the club over the years.


Sara Horsfield (Academy Administrator)
Nick Dee (Director of Youth Coaching)
Ali Shaw (Child Protection Officer)
Sam Farrar (Designated Person)

Commercial / Branding / Marketing:

Ivan Cruise
Eilis Smith
Gareth Watkins

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