COVID-19 Back-To-Hockey Guidelines

Hockey Ireland, and the International Hockey Federation, in reopening the club safely require each club to nominate a COVID officer. The COVID-19 team for Monkstown Hockey Club is as follows:

COVID OfficerAnita Duffy
Ladies’ SectionNikkey Cullen
Paola Carrettoni
Men’s SectionGareth Watkins
Aido Tripp
AcademySara Horsfield
StrikersRuby Morrow
Please see above how to correctly wash your hands – HSE official video.

For further information in relation to back to play protocols for teams please click on the relevant team below:

Remember to register on the Monkstown Hockey Club COVID Form 2 hours before EVERY training & matches. To register, please click on this link: or scan the QR code above.

COVID-19 & Monkstown Hockey Club FAQs:

The COVID team can be contacted at the following email address:

Or alternatively use the contact form: