The History of Monkstown Hockey Club

Monkstown Hockey Club, established in 1894, is one of the oldest hockey clubs in Ireland.

As of 2021, we are one of the largest hockey clubs in Ireland with over 1,000 members across our mens, womens, academy and strikers sections.

The concept and formation of Monkstown Hockey Club came from Mr C. P. Ball & Mr H. S. Findlater. In response to circulars sent out by them, a meeting was held in Kenny’s Hotel, Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire) on the 17th of September 1894, and it was there where Monkstown Hockey Club was unanimously formed and named. The following officers were then elected; Honorary Secretary H. S. Findlater, Honorary Treasurer C. P. Ball and Committee Members R. Rice, J. W. Ball, B. W. Scott, G. R. Symes and R. G. Boughton.

Of the current clubs in Leinster, Monkstown is the 3rd oldest after Dublin University and Three Rock Rovers who were founded one year prior to Monkstown. At that first meeting a deputation was elected to ask Mr Bousfield of Corrig School for permission to play on the lower portion of their cricket pitch on Tivoli Terrace, which he agreed to. He was then promptly elected the first president of Monkstown Hockey Club and all the Corrig School became honorary members. The annual subscription was set at five shillings, with an entrance fee of two shillings and six pence but the following year it was raised to seven shillings and six pence for all those living within a five mile radius of the club ground.

The colours of the club were chosen to be “light blue shirt with dark blue pipings and MHC on the pocket in dark blue”. The Honorary Secretary reported that arrangements had been concluded with “Lynch of Westmoreland Street, Dublin to supply shirts made of flannel thoroughly shrunk at 7/6 each. Some years elapsed before the standardisation of the colour of shorts took place when white was worn. This was later changed to navy blue.

Herbert Findlater who proposed the formation of Monkstown Hockey Club was a member of an eminent business and professional family in Dublin.

Monkstown Womens originally formed in 1982 but disbanded in 1991. The womens section was revived in 2008 by Aileen Kealy, Sarah Lovett, Suzie Murray, Amy McGovern, Grainne Wall and 12 other members. The ladies ethos from the outset was driven by a desire to share in the fun & comradery which was so evident in our hockey club. The ambition was to grow a strong and successful women’s section that would complement and mirror the success of the men’s section in Monkstown HC.

The women who formed the initial team in 2008 came from a number of different clubs and levels throughout Leinster and dominated division 14 winning all their matches during their inaugural season. In 2009, the team was promoted to division 11 but after two games the Leinster Hockey Association promoted the team to Division 8 and a second womens team was introduced.

The women’s attitude, skill and dedication began building each season and winning promotion throughout the teams had created an appetite for a girls section in our academy to form. In 2010, the first fillies took to the field on a Sunday morning in Rathdown, coached by the ladies and supported by Sharon Cole & Laura Martin. In 2012, the women’s section expanded adding a third and fourth team when we merged with Dalkey Ladies Hockey Club. Monkstown Hockey Club now have 6 teams competing in the Leinster Leagues and the National EY Hockey League 2. A vets team was established in 2015 and play in the Leinster Women’s Vets league. From their revival in 2008, the 1st team enjoyed promotion every season (excluding one) until 2016 when the Monkstown Ladies successfully gained promotion into division 2 and the club merged with Hermes Hockey Club, cementing its place in the Irish Hockey League.