Volunteers required for EuroHockey Trophy


The Eurohockey Trophy for Women will be hosted in Rathdown from 18-21 May.

This major Eurohockey club competition gives our club to showcase not only our team but also our ability as a club to organise and present such an event.

Over the past 2 years we have hosted EY Playoffs with great success and positive comment and this time we host top clubs from 7 European countries England,France,Spain,Czech Republic,Russia,Ukraine and Belarus.

In the past number of years we have participated in European competitions hosted by clubs some bigger and some smaller than ourselves,also Irish clubs on 8 occasions have hosted such tournaments with great success.

Now is the time for us to step up and play our part.

The committee have been working hard to put in place accommodation and transport for all our visitors including officials and umpires.

To assist in helping the committee we are asking for volunteers(30 per day) to cover the 4 games each day(a list of tasks you can help with are listed below),the slots will be of 3 hrs duration you may sign up for as many as possible by clicking here. https://goo.gl/forms/my1duYuhdCCGdKDm2

Please note all gate and food monies are for the club and are critical to the financial success.

The tasks include

–          Match announcer

–          Managing music when no play

–          Burgers

–          Teas/cakes/sandwiches

–          Pavilion manager

–          Gate

–          Car park

–          Ground support

–          Team liaison(for those who want to improve their language skills)

–          Support for the TD

–          Driver support for officials

–          Technical support

–          Social media

While this is a Womens trophy event I expect all our members men and women to volunteer to make this  weekend a great success that we can all be proud of and our visitors leave with a very positive view of Monkstown. Send it on to your friends and family and lets get everyone involved!

Be part of it.Volunteer NOW so we can plan effectively you will not regret it.